Imagine having to worry about air conditioning on a hot summer day when you get into your car and see that it is blowing warm air on to your face. There are several reasons why the air conditioner might not be working the proper way.

Common issues with car air conditioning

Some of the most common car AC issues are as follows:

The refrigerant is leaking from the car

One of the main reasons why the unit is not cooling properly could be attributed to a leaking refrigerant. However it is not easy to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Usually these are found around the hose connections. Sometimes you might be able to see only a substance accumulated around the leak, however this could pinpoint the leak source. In order to close the leak your auto electrician would use a sealant which is specifically designed for an air conditioning unit.

Blockage in the condenser

Sometimes a problem with the vehicles condenser could be the reason for improper cooling. It could be because the condenser is blocked due to some of the debris which has collected and stuck onto it. The over heated condenser would result in warm air being blown into your car. The condenser is usually found in front of the car so if you see anything blocking it you can remove it by first removing the grill and then making sure that there is no blockade near the condenser.

A broken condenser

If you do not see anything blocking the condenser it could be possible there is something broken inside it. Sometimes it’s not apparent visually. However in this case it is best that the condenser be replaced by a new one. Your auto electrician would be able to guide you with the correct measure.

Electrical issues with the car

The most difficult problems to diagnose for any vehicle are the electrical issues present inside it. This is why it is essential that you only go for experienced auto electricians because they are well trained and understand all the electric parts of a vehicle. Sometimes an electrical issue with the car might also lead to warm air being blown into the cabin. Damaged wires are replaced or mended with electrical tape on the other hand you might not be able to diagnose these electrical issues on your own and therefore you might need to take your car to an auto mechanic.

Problem with the cooling fans

If the cooling fans are not working properly it might result in the condenser getting hot and result in warm air being blown into the cabin. A blown fuse or debris stuck into the cooling fan may be the reason for improper functioning. Make sure that you use a blower to get rid of any debris which is stuck in the cooling fan.

All of these above mentioned problems are easily solved if you take your vehicle to the right auto electrician. Call Gold Coast Mobile Auto Electrician 2 U so that an expert can work on your car.