One of the most important pieces of equipment for pontoon boats is pontoon fenders. Pontoon fenders provide complete protection at half the price of your pontoon boat. This makes this type of equipment a worthy investment to have on your boat.

However, the best way for you to make your boat secure and protected at all times is to choose the right number and size of pontoon fenders. In the case of pontoon fenders, having more is better than having less of them.


The varied types of Pontoon Fenders


The varied types of pontoons have made manufacturers create a wide range of fenders, to include:

Sausage-shaped fenders

Sausage-shaped fenders offer the best option for lighter and smaller pontoon boats.

Cylindrical or round fenders

Horizontally or vertically hanging cylindrical or round fenders benefit heavier and larger pontoon boats. Hanging the fenders vertically can secure your boat when moored against the docks.

Horizontally hanging the fenders protects your pontoon boat from any protruding structures as well as prevent roll offs.

Specific fenders

Some fenders can be used for specific needs, to include:

  • Damage caused to the rub rails of low freeboard pontoon boats can be prevented from happening requires the right kind of special fenders.
  • The stern and swimming platform of the boat can be easily protected with the use of transom fenders.
  • Your pontoon boat can be further protected by using fender cushions.


It is not that expensive to invest in the right fenders. Investing in the right kind can help you save on future damages to your pontoon boat. Attaching fenders to your boat frees you from worrying about damages happening to it in the long run.


Choosing the right kind of Pontoon Fenders

Investing in pontoon fenders needs some things to consider.

  • The weight of your pontoon boat is the first important factor to consider. More fenders are required when the boat is heavier and bigger.
  • Another thing to take into account is the mooring conditions based on the length of your boat.
  • If you love to indulge in a lot of risky sea adventurers, you need more fenders for your boat. The number of fenders spells the difference between protecting and damaging your boat, especially in emergencies when you need to moor it.
  • Three cylindrical fenders measuring about 1-inch diameter are best suited for less than 10-feet sized pontoon boats.
  • Larger and heavier boats, on the other hand, require more round fenders having two inches diameter.
  • Suspending the fenders in the right position is important for them to do their job right. The pontoon’s requirements should be the thing to consider before choosing to hang the fender either vertically or horizontally.
  • All sorts of mooring conditions need the right fender. Instances such as extremely rainy weather or hurricanes may demand to tear off the boat from its moor. The presence of a fender serves as the only and best protection during these weather emergencies.

The shock of your pontoon boat bumping into another boat or docks is absorbed by the right kind of pontoon fender. Other than preventing damage to your boat, the fender also serves to decelerate it as it rolls or surges about. A buffer is also maintained between the boat and the dock by the fenders. We are here to help you find the right fender for your pontoon. Contact us at Tidal Pontoon Fenders.