When it comes to configuring chairs for stadiums, it usually depends on how much space there is for seating. In each country around the world, there are specific requirements for every venue that needs stadium chairs. One of the basics is to have sturdy but comfortable seating. It also depends on whether stadium chairs are for an entirely new stadium or if they are replacement seats. In the case of replacement seats, the difficulty can be getting precisely the right kind of stadium seating and fitting them into the spaces provided.

1. Types of stadium seating

One type of stadium seating is beam seating, which is a popular kind of seating also used for train stations, airports, and hospitals. This kind of seating is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. It is also referred to as bench or bench beam seating. In appearance, it looks like a bench. Beam seating consists of multiple seats that get attached by a beam located underneath the chairs. It has legs at both ends of the beam. This kind of seating can be free-standing or attached directly to the floor.

Bleacher seating is often chosen for sports venues and educational institutions. It is regularly on raised levels of benches with stairways built-in to accommodate sports lovers and make it easy to get to their seats. The most common bleacher seating is the kind that there is access to seating on every other step. This is so that everyone has plenty of legroom. This type of seating is not meant for comfort but accommodating large numbers of people.

Fixed seating is the type that includes chair backs on the seats. This type is permanently bolted to the floor and cannot be moved once installed. Fixed seating is used for arenas, auditoriums, and theatres. Fixed seating can be rather elaborate and even comfortable and luxurious.

2. Sports venues

Stadiums come in various sizes and varieties and are designed to accommodate sports fans from all around the world. The importance here is to provide chairs for stadiums that are huge so people can all find seating and spend hours watching a game. Some of the largest stadiums are built for soccer, football, and baseball team games. Some of the largest sports venues require professional seating installation that includes both comfortable and durable seats. Among the most popular seating styles are offered by companies that accommodate sports venues all over the globe.

Arena seating is smaller than outdoor because it is enclosed. There is also seating provided by venues used by teams in the National Hockey League and usually have a seating capacity of 20,000 or less. The seating in these venues tends to be more comfortable than in others. In past years emphasis is put on football, baseball, and hockey stadiums to provide luxury seating for VIP patrons like business accounts. Some sports venues now have luxury boxes available.

3. Outdoor stadiums and arenas

The basic installation for chairs for stadiums is to accommodate many fans and provide comfortable seating. It is easier for arenas because there are rooves overhead, but outdoor stadiums are open to all elements. The one design feature which is common in both outdoor stadiums and arenas is that it is necessary to provide elevation for seating so that everyone has a clear view of what is happening on the field.