barbecuing is a part of many families in today’s modern living. Even when selecting the food with great attention, the quality of the BBQ grills is a great factor to determine the taste of your delicacies. The quality of your grills will determine your barbecuing success. There are several grill types to choose from; gas grills, charcoal grills and pellet grills. Barbecuing has it that all the three types have their advantages hence hard to tell which one among the three is the king. It goes down to each individual’s flavour orientation. Talking of the gas type, it comes with great convenience because all you need is to turn on the burners. As for the charcoal type, you get greater control over the amount of heat onto your food, and for how long the fire takes to built inside the BBQ. Pellet type uses wood pellets can manage to offer tasty food that you can achieve with any type of food cooked with firewood plus unmatched precision with the thermostat that will allow you to press any value of temperature you want to achieve with your BBQ. With those differences on each grill type, the parameter to measure the performance of each type is different, and there is no explicit winner in the race among the three. Each type is a winner with its parameters.

CR testing – (grills)

Gas grills: While testing gas grills, it is required that you wire the surface of each gas grill with thermocouples and take four rounds of tests as you record the minimum temperatures on each grill. As for preheating performance start at the tenth minute because it is presumed that many folks start cooking after such amount of time. Then assess how even each model heats because if you are doing the sumptuous amount of delicacies, you want them to cook simultaneously. Indirect cooking will evaluate how the grills maintain heat for cooking food without burning them. It is Important to check the temperature range, because it will determine how quick it will take to sear the steak, and how slow it is to slow cook hard food like ribs. The sturdiness of the grills is another thing you should evaluate to determine how it can resist movement across hardy surfaces.

Charcoal grills: Charcoal grills are tested with full charcoal in the chimney. Spread the charcoal on the layers evenly and connect the thermocouples with wires to measure the heat passed across surfaces. Then score the grills on two grounds; evenness and say indirect cooking. These tests will ensure no food gets burned and the cook equally. Another test that is important to charcoal grills are; how easy it is to add charcoal to the chimney while cooking and how easy it is to adjust the vent. Another factor for the charcoal grills needing consideration is how easy cleaning or disposing of the ashes.

Pellet grills: These grills are tested with what is between the gas grills and charcoal grills. Hybrid tests for gas and charcoal is needed to test the pellet grills to examine their performance, sturdiness and the ease to cook using pellet grills. Preheat tests are skipped in pellet grills since they heat up quickly compared to the rest. So, when buying a built-in BBQ, consider the size of the family and some of the factors and properties stated above.

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