Thumb Gun

A new system, the Thumbgun, combines the savings and ease of automated gluing with the flexibility of hand gluing.

Hot glue whenever you need it
Glue is always hot and delivered in an even flow.

Meet adhesive specifications
Digital controls keep the adhesive at the temperature you select, ensuring adhesive specifications are met every time.

Accuracy and precision
Ultra-fine line or heavy-duty gluing is easily managed with a quick adjustment of Thumbgin's flow controller.

Slash costs
Buy bulk adhesive at less than half the cost of glue sticks without the high capital costs of traditional handgun systems.

Enjoy a mess-free workplace. Because you nerver have to put Thumbgun down, there's no risk of smearing adhesive across work surfaces and other plant.

Safe and easy to use
Electric ergonomically designed controls mean no more of the soreness and fatigue caused by forcing glue sticks through manual handguns or lifting heavy hoses and handguns.

Reliable performance guaranteed
Thumbgun's simplicity and durability help it to outperform other handguns. Sealing Systems backs the Thumbgun with a 12-month warranty.


How the Thumbgun gluing system works

1 Light touch electric control avoids fatigue.

2 Ergonomic couterweighted gantry design for maximum control and comfort (not shown).

3 Hot glue flows evenly whenever you need it.

4 Flow control for accuracy.

5 Digital temperature control.

6 Less mess! The gun is suspended so you never have to put it down.

7 Save with bulk adhesive. Tank capacity 5kg standard. 7.5kg, 11.5kg & 13kg sizes also available.

Designed and made in Australia, the Thumbgun's durable and reliable engineering is backed by local support and service.The Thumbgun is part of an extensive range of adhesive and sealing solutions.


Following is a story of how Sealing Systems achieved some stunning results from a newly invented glue gun. Productivity, safety, hygiene, quality and cost savings are all part of the equation.

Automotive tote manufacturer, Cliveden has discovered a new Australian invention in glue dispensing technology is far more reliable, cleaner, has lifted productivity and enhanced safety – all with a payback period of less than 12 months.

The device, designed by Melbourne manufacturer Sealing Systems, replaced conventional hand held glue guns at Cliveden’s Keysborough factory. Accurate and reliable glue flow is critical to the daily production of up to 100 complex polypropylene totes.

The totes are glued and welded manually by a staff of five. The work is intensive and high handgun failure rates were costly, both in terms of equipment costs and productivity, according to Cliveden general manager, Darren Wadley.

"In one week, we had 12 hand guns fail and it’s just dumb to spend an average of $40 a week on hand guns," Wadley said.

Cliveden engineer Charles Vuong, confirmed the hand guns typically last just one to two months. When the opportunity came to trial the Sealing Systems "Thumb Gun", which has a life expectancy of several years, Vuong found the system was easily justified.

"The glue for the Sealing Systems unit is less than half the price of the hand gun glue sticks and we had been losing a $15 hand gun every few days," Vuong explained.

"It will break even well and truly within 12 months."

The operators were also very keen to use the Thumb Gun. They had been reporting soreness and fatigue from pushing the glue through the handguns via their manual triggers to achieve the intricate patterns specified by the automotive industry.

"Everyone loved the Thumb Gun – they picked it up straight away," Vuong said.

"They only need to press the Thumb Gun very lightly, plus because it’s suspended from a gantry that can swivel in any direction and has a counterweight, it’s easy to control.

"There’s less fatigue and we’ve had a significant lift in productivity."

Quality standards are also easier to maintain with the Sealing Systems unit, according to Wadley. The automotive industry demands a four-year warranty on its packaging and sets stringent standards governing the pattern and volume of glue applied.

"The Thumb Gun delivers a perfectly even flow, the glue doesn’t go stringy like it can with the handguns and there’s less mess because you never need to put it down," he said.

In addition to the Thumb Gun’s savings, Wadley was pleased by its status as an Australian-made product.

"We like to support local industry and it’s nice to know that in case it breaks down, though I don’t expect it to, the manufacturer is here to look after it," he said.

"Actually, Tim from Sealing Systems has been fantastic, following up to make sure we’re happy with the unit – their after sales service is second to none."

Cliveden has taken advantage of a preventative maintenance program and Sealing Systems will service the unit twice a year. Months into continuous use however, there has been no need to call upon Sealing Systems and Wadley is delighted with his purchase.

"It’s definitely a winner," he said.

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