SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System

This unique system applies a polymer, (non-adhesive) in a precisely controlled pattern which increases the coefficient of friction between cartons by over 300%.

This results in exceptional pallet stability which negates the need for the application of additional plastic wrap.

The pattern itself is a low volume low pressure pattern which produces a large number of small dots which act like small rubber feet that stop the carton from sliding.


Major Benefits

  • NON-FIBRE TEARING As this is an anti-skid material and not an adhesive, there is no damage to carton surfaces.
  • RE-STACKABLE The anti-skid properties remain effective when car-tons are re-stacked so there is an ongoing benefit to users who re-make or re-stack pallet loads.
  • NO TRANSFER The polymer is applied to the top of cartons and does not transfer to other cartons or surfaces.
  • INCREASED LOAD STABILITY Allows for the elimination of plastic wrap.
  • LOW COATING WEIGHTS Dramatically reduces the costs of palletising while greatly increasing the efficiency.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The polymer is a water-based product making it easy and safe to use. Dramatically reduces the use of shrink wrap.
  • APPROVED Complies with Grocery Association guidelines for load stabilisation


The Patent Pending SS2000 GunSS2000 Applicator

The SS2000 applicator, patents pending, is designed to be placed at the outfeed of any carton sealer and will automatically apply the pattern to the tops of cartons as they are conveyed to the palletisation area.

The SS2000 applicator offers the following major benefits.
Precise pattern application.

  • No overspray.
  • Guns are self cleaning.
  • No nightly maintenance required.
  • Pattern automatically adjusts for different length cartons.
  • Automatic shut down - guns will close if carton stops during application.
  • Nozzle seal - nozzles are sealed if guns are inactive for more than 15 seconds to preserve polymer and eliminate the need for cleaning.
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