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Feature Services

Glue Module - Heads - Handguns - Pumps - Hoses

  • We offer a complete clean, de-char, rebuild and test service.
  • We can provide changeover and replacement unit


Unique Services


  • We manufacture new hoses to suit all systems.
  • We can also manufacture hoses to any length and diameter to suit any application.
  • We repair and clean all existing hoses including heater and sensor replacements.
  • Send us your old hoses for a free quotation.
  • As well we manufacture Heated Hoses and Temperature Controls to suit special applications.



  • We can convert old pneumatic control pumps to the latest electronic control system.



  • We offer a range of tank overhauls from strip, clean and de-char to sandblasting and Teflon coating

Standard Services
  • We provide on-site emergency service.
  • We can also tailor a service agreement to maintain your systems on a programmed plan

Specialty Products
  • System and parts cleaning agents
  • Soak Tanks
  • Green Glide Silicon Spray
  • Custom Design and Manufacturing
  • Tank Extensions and Supply Feed Units
  • Multi Pump Unit


Renew Program
  • Double the life of your old system
  • Tank Sandblasting and Teflon Coating
  • Pump Conversion to Electronic Control
  • Total Rebuild

Additional Services
  • Rebuild/Exchange/Replacement parts and components for all systems.
  • Unique custom tailored service and supply packages available.
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